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Lets start from the beginning

Written by Emma Bryant


Posted on October 19 2021

It was towards the beginning of 2019, and business was slow for my massage business; I was bored. I had applied for some jobs, but to no avail, so I plodded along with my little massage business 'Bryant Remedial Massage'. I got myself an Instagram account, and Mrs Hinch was up and coming at that point and spoke of hinch hauls, gave cleaning tips and then talked about something called wax melts. Now I'm not going to lie, but I had never heard of a wax melt before! Candles, yes, as I liked to dabble in making those. I started following Hannah from Ava-May Aromas, spoke to other small businesses and thought, 'What the hell! I'm going to start my own home fragrance business' May 13th 2019, Bella Flame England was born. It was exciting, scary, crazy, ahh!!! What am I doing? but I bit the bullet and did it anyway.

The support I received from followers and other small businesses was terrific; I made friends, got myself some brand reps and went with the flow. A year later, I made a friend who I found out only lived around the corner called Tracy. She said, 'I know Hannah, let's go visit her' It was lovely; we got to have a tour of all her units and meet Hannah herself; I think I came across as a bit star-struck. Hannah's journey had inspired me to start my business. I met some fantastic people from Instagram at Hannahs first birthday for Ava-May Aromas; I could not believe it, little old me. I felt like I was surrounded by celebrities. There were so many incredible people and small businesses there; I was fortunate indeed.

Anyway fast forward two years and five months, and I'm still here!! The business didn't take off like I thought it would. I didn't make the millions I thought I might (yeah, right, I'm a big dreamer at times), so I accepted this was a small part-time business, and I accept that now. If it does ever grow, then I will not complain and go with the flow. I have made some silly mistakes and wasted lots of money, and If I went back and did it all again, I would do things very, very different. But, we all live and learn, and I don't like to regret it, so I think about the present day. I am still enjoying myself; I have lovely and loyal brand reps who I couldn't do this without; how they put up with me changing my mind left, right and centre, I'll never know. If you are reading this, ladies, thank you for sticking with me from the bottom of my heart. So I will continue to take my journey with Bella Flame step by step and day by day and see where it takes me. I may be mad as I am also studying an Access to Higher Education and Maths course. When I realised this business was only part-time, it freed up space for me to take on something new and exciting, so I plan to apply to university to study Dietetics. I am and will be a busy bee, but I like it that way.

I'm not sure if anyone reading this finds the same, but my plans never stick; now, that's not to say I'm giving up anything. It's just life changes sometimes. A classic example is my husband's decision to join the military at 30; we had to leave and move to a completely different area. Of course, it doesn't help that I change my mind a lot either!!

Anyway, that is my first blog post done, over and out. Thanks for following my journey on Instagram. If you happen to be reading this, my DMS are always open for a chat. xxx



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